Today, the double cooked meat fried with fresh garlic moss is delicious. The crispy and tender garlic moss is also a very good match. Friends can fry the double cooked meat when the garlic moss is the most fresh and tender. It’s very fragrant!


250g streaky pork
100g garlic bolt
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of monosodium glutamate
Proper amount of chili powder
Appropriate amount of edible oil


Step 1
Cut garlic moss into large sections and scallion into scallion flowers.

Step 2
Put pork with skin into the pot under cold water, add scallion, ginger slices and cooking wine, cook the meat until it is 8 minutes cooked, tie it through with chopsticks, take it out, cool it and cut it into large slices, or put it into the refrigerator freezer for a while to cut it better.

Step 3
Heat the oil in the pot, put the sliced pork into the pot, fry the fat meat until it is transparent, and the edge of the meat is slightly rolled up. Stir fry the scallion, Pixian bean paste and a little sugar until fragrant, and then pour in the raw soy sauce to taste.

Step 4
Pour in garlic moss, stir fry quickly over high heat for half a minute, add a little salt and stir well.

Step 5
A delicious double cooked pork is ready. I hope you can like it.