As the name suggests, double cooked meat means that the meat is cooked again. It is a very famous Sichuan dish, which can be cooked by every family in Sichuan. It is characterized by fat but not greasy, bright and attractive color, and can be served with rice or wine. It has a long aftertaste.


200g pork hind leg
Five green peppers
A little salt
Proper amount of soy sauce
2 tsp bean paste
A little MSG
60g edible oil
Appropriate amount of chopped ginger
12 Chinese prickly ash


Step 1
Prepare the seasoning.

Step 2
Pour cold water into the pot, add small pieces of ginger, a few pepper, salt to remove the fishy smell. After the water boils, continue to cook over medium heat until it is well done. You can insert it with chopsticks and take it out.

Step 3
Slice the cooked meat.

Step 4
Cut green pepper into pieces.

Step 5
Pot live oil, oil hot pepper, ginger, meat stir fry.

Step 6
After the fat part shrinks, stir fry it with bean paste.

Step 7
After frying out the flavor, continue to fry the green pepper, and put the flavor on the hardcover plate.

Step 8
Finished product drawing