A daughter-in-law suddenly wanted to eat this dish, so she cooked it.


500g pork
100g hot pepper
100g red pepper
4 cloves of garlic seed
10 g ginger
3 tbsp bean paste
1 tsp sugar
2 g pepper


Step 1
First stir fry the whole pork in water.

Step 2
Take out the fried pork, cool it and cut it into slices.

Step 3
Put pepper in the pot, fry well and remove.

Step 4
Put the sliced pork into the pot and flatten out some oil (I don't like too much oil in the dish),

Step 5
Add garlic slices and ginger slices in turn.

Step 6
Stir fry in the bean paste.

Step 7
Add green pepper and red pepper after stir frying red meat. In turn put in, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate. After stir frying, you can get out of the pot.