As the name suggests, the meat should be cooked first and then fried into slices, which means “back to the pot”. It is characterized by unique taste, bright red color, fat but not greasy. Huiguorou has always been considered as the first and incarnation of Sichuan cuisine. Even in the grading examination of Sichuan cuisine, huiguorou is often used as the preferred dish.


1 piece of pork
1 red pepper
A handful of garlic


Step 1
Put the pork into a cold water pot, add a few pieces of ginger and cook together; When it's easy to put chopsticks in, it means that the meat is cooked. Turn off the fire and take it out

Step 2
Prepare other raw materials, cut pork into thin slices after cooling; Heat up the pan, add proper amount of oil, add ginger and garlic slices, and saute until fragrant

Step 3
Stir fry with Pixian bean paste after fragrant; Stir fry twice and add sliced pork

Step 4
Stir fry until the pork is covered with bean paste and slightly oily; Add red pepper and garlic white

Step 5
Stir fry them a few times; Then add garlic leaves (add appropriate amount of salt according to personal taste)

Step 6
Stir fry evenly; Out of the pot can be loaded plate