Salad is not eating grass. Eating grass alone can’t keep up with nutrition.


1 box of tuna
2 eggs
Appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables
80g feta cheese
Proper amount of salt
A little sugar
A little pepper


Step 1
Clean the asparagus, peel off the old skin at the tail, cut the section obliquely, then boil half a pot of water, boil the water, put the asparagus into the pot, add a little oil, a little salt, blanch for 1 minute, take it out, and boil the water too cold. Water will be more crisp, but it's OK.

Step 2
Take a large basin, put tuna and oil soaked fida cheese into the basin, sprinkle a little pepper, do not use salt, because these two things are salty, and do not use oil, because there is oil and some spices in fida cheese.

Step 3
Put the cut tomatoes, sweet peppers, strawberries, onions and blanched asparagus in a large basin, sprinkle a little salt and a little sugar, which is used to neutralize the acid of tomatoes.

Step 4
Scoop up a tablespoon of yogurt and mix them with the ingredients in the basin.