Tujia people’s diet is really full of tricks. Grind the water soaked soybeans with a mill, then mix them with finely chopped green vegetable leaves, and then cook them over warm fire. Although this kind of dish is simple, it has high nutritional value and delicious taste. It is a dish commonly used by local people.


100g soybeans
100g lettuce
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 teaspoon salt
5g scallion
1 teaspoon sesame oil
Proper amount of water


Step 1
Soak soybeans in water overnight

Step 2
Wash the soaked soybeans, put them into the soymilk machine, add water between the upper and lower water levels, turn on the power and start grinding soymilk

Step 3
Filter the ground soybean milk

Step 4
Wash lettuce leaves

Step 5
Filtered bean dregs

Step 6
Chop the lettuce leaves and onion

Step 7
Heat oil in a pot and saute chopped green onion

Step 8
Add bean dregs

Step 9
Add a bowl of water

Step 10

Step 11
Add lettuce

Step 12
Add salt

Step 13
Pour a little sesame oil on it