In the coastal cities of Guangdong, the climate is wet in spring and early summer, especially in the plum rain season. The air becomes dreary, and I feel very tired and sleepy. This is the so-called spring sleepiness, but it is not a disease. To change this state, we have to adjust the dietary structure, so all kinds of soup also came into being according to local conditions in Guangdong. Ordinary housewives will cook several kinds of beautiful soup especially suitable for family drinking, and earth Poria cocos is most suitable for soup making in this season. It has dehumidification, detoxification and joint benefit. Dispersing knot, dispelling wind and dredging collaterals, promoting dampness and turbidity, as well as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects… Generally, there are stalls selling soup ingredients in the big market, and this wild or cultivated Poria cocos will be sold.


500g pig bone
300g Poria cocos
100g lentils
Proper amount of salt
A little chicken powder
8 bowls of water


Step 1
Earth Poria cocos: I bought dry goods. I soaked and washed the unearthed Poria cocos several times before making soup to remove the sediment´╝ł Fresh Poria cocos is better)

Step 2
Soak lentils in warm water in advance, wash and drain

Step 3
Boil the water, blanch the pig bones for a few minutes and pick them up

Step 4
Wash with clean water, remove and drain

Step 5
Throw all the ingredients into the soup pot

Step 6
Add about 8 bowls of water

Step 7
Cover the lid and turn it into medium heat pot for 1 to 1.5 hours after boiling. After cooking, mix salt, chicken powder and stir evenly, then drink.