A simple, convenient and nutritious breakfast with fruit salad or milk and soybean milk is very suitable.


1 potato
Half a carrot
A little leek
3 g salt
2G pepper powder
20G flour
Little water
A little vegetable oil


Step 1
Wash the potatoes, peel them and rub them into silk. Silk should not be too thin. It will be too powdery and tasteless

Step 2
Add shredded carrot and chopped leek, add a little salt and pepper powder. After adding pepper powder, it is fragrant and warm

Step 3
After adding flour, add a small amount of water one by one and mix well to the picture. Don't add too much flour, otherwise the taste of the cake is very thick. Water should be added step by step, otherwise it is too thin to make a cake

Step 4
Pick one with chopsticks, flatten it slightly and put it on the preheated electric cake pan

Step 5
After the bottom solidifies, turn over with a shovel and continue to flatten slightly

Step 6
After frying slightly scorched on both sides, brush a little vegetable oil and fry it for a while