Always eat toon scrambled eggs, will you get tired of it? Try this Chinese toon love egg cake, which makes you have a big appetite from shape to taste.


100g toon bud
1 egg
2 tablespoons flour
2G salt
2G pepper


Step 1
Wash Chinese toon and set aside

Step 2
Blanch the Chinese Toon in hot water, take it out and drain it

Step 3
Chop the treated Chinese toon (try to chop it up)

Step 4
Beat an egg

Step 5
Pour in chopped Chinese toon

Step 6
Add 2 tablespoons of flour

Step 7
Add 2G salt

Step 8
Add 2G pepper and mix well

Step 9
Pour the oil into the pan. After the oil is slightly hot, put down the heart-shaped shaper and pour the toon egg liquid at the same time. After standing for a period of time, the egg cake can be demoulded. (before putting the mold into the pot, wipe some edible oil on the inner wall to prevent the egg liquid from sticking to the inner wall and affecting the demoulding effect)

Step 10
Repeat the above operation and continue the omelet until the egg liquid is exhausted.