This dish is based on the combination of Sanbei chicken, improved Sanbei chicken and popular barbecue sauce. I hope you like it.


Proper chicken leg
A section of onion
Appropriate amount of ketchup
Tomato sauce
Appropriate amount of sugar
Appropriate amount of fermented rice wine
Appropriate amount of seafood sauce
Proper spareribs sauce
Proper oyster sauce
Proper abalone juice
Proper amount of black pepper
Appropriate amount of honey
Appropriate amount of garlic
Appropriate amount of white vinegar
Appropriate amount of sesame oil
Appropriate amount of chicken essence
Proper amount of ginger
Proper amount of white pepper
Proper amount of salt
Proper cooking wine
Moderate old smoke
Appropriate amount of edible oil
Proper amount of fragrant leaves


Step 1
Chicken drumsticks need not be skinned or boned. They are chopped into small pieces and marinated with a small amount of salt, cooking wine, white pepper and soy sauce.

Step 2
Add vegetable oil and appropriate amount of sesame oil into the hot pot, then add the pickled chicken pieces, cook the cooking wine, and fry the chicken pieces to completely change color.

Step 3
Put vegetable oil into the hot pot and put ginger, garlic and scallion respectively. Put them in at intervals according to this order to ensure that when the last scallion is stir fried, the ginger and garlic just turn yellow on the surface. Pay attention to the amount. When ketchup is the basic flavor, the amount of scallion, ginger and garlic must be larger, especially the latter two. Basically, two cloves of garlic should be put into one chicken leg, Finally, the aftertaste of the finished sour and sweet tomato must have a little garlic flavor.

Step 4
Stir onion, ginger and garlic. Add 2 tomato paste, 2 tomato sauce, 4 mash (I beat it into a paste with a blender), 1 seafood sauce, 1 spare ribs sauce, 1 oyster sauce, 1 abalone juice, 2 rock sugar, 2 white vinegar, half chicken essence and half salt. If you like heavier color, you can add a little soy sauce, but I didn't add it. Stir fry the primer over low heat. Here, let me talk about the idea of ingredients. The three cups of traditional three cup chicken refer to a cup of lard, a cup of sesame oil and a cup of rice wine. This traditional practice is not good in taste and health, so now the three cup chicken we eat in restaurants is basically an improved version. There are several ideas in the improved version. Let me talk about it

Step 5
After frying over low heat, heat water and add a lot of fragrant leaves. Add two fragrant leaves to a chicken leg. Then, as mentioned above, the improved version of Sanbei chicken generally first removes the lard, retains an appropriate amount of sesame oil and rice wine, and then adds fresh seasoning. The most popular is oyster sauce with soy sauce and seafood sauce, and adds sufficient sugar and chicken essence, which becomes the new Sanbei chicken. My idea of this three cups is based on the sour and sweet taste of tomato, that is, tomato sauce, Two portions of tomato sauce and white vinegar, six portions in total, to create a sour mouth, four portions of fermented rice, four portions of compound fresh sauce and two portions of rock sugar to neutralize the sour taste, then add chicken refined salt to taste, and finally use fragrant leaves to replace the nine layer tower that is hard to buy

Step 6
Put the fried chicken pieces into the pot. After the pot is boiled over a high fire, change to stew over a low fire. Don't cover the pot all the way, because the chicken is so cooked that it hasn't received the juice until the chicken is cooked.

Step 7
Generally, it will be cooked after 15 minutes of stewing. Insert it with chopsticks to determine whether the chicken is mature. Change the fire to collect the juice. At this time, add crushed black pepper. The amount should not be too small. The finished product should obviously taste black pepper. When the juice collection is basically completed, add a small amount of honey and stir well. Therefore, when preparing the soup bottom, taste it first to ensure that the soup bottom is slightly more sour than you want.

Step 8
Some green leafy vegetables can be interspersed at the banquet, which will be more beautiful. I don't add soy sauce. If you want a darker color, add some soy sauce at the bottom of the soup. Tomato and soy sauce create color, and rock sugar honey creates a bright state. At the entrance, first, the compound sour and sweet taste opens the taste buds, and then the pungency of black pepper, combined with the sweetness of honey and rock sugar, opens the taste buds again. At the back, there is fresh sauce and a little garlic and wine aftertaste. I hope you like it.