Do you know the story of tomatoes? Come on, let’s tell you an appetizer today! O(∩_∩)O


1 tomato
Right amount of phoenix tail shrimp
Proper amount of corn kernels
Appropriate amount of lettuce
Proper amount of yellow mustard
Appropriate amount of sea grape


Step 1
Soak shrimps in water

Step 2
Cooked in hot water,

Step 3
Cut into small pieces,

Step 4
Steamed corn cobs,

Step 5
Peel the corn,

Step 6
Remove the bottom of the tomato, peel it under the hot water,

Step 7
Hollowing out the interior,

Step 8
Wash and chop lettuce,

Step 9
Put all the ingredients together and mix well with yellow mustard,

Step 10
Put it in tomatoes,

Step 11
Simple modeling, sea grape decoration, OK!