I’m in a bad mood recently. I don’t taste anything. Think of the sour tomato, add some sugar, it should be good, so I started. The cooking method is simple and easy to learn, and the nutrition collocation is reasonable. It has bright color, pleasant taste, rich nutritional value, complementary nutrients and the role of bodybuilding and anti-aging.


2 tomatoes
2 eggs
10g peanut oil
10g sugar
2 g salt


Step 1
Wash and cut the tomatoes.

Step 2
Heat the oil, pour in the tomato, stir fry over high heat for two minutes, press the tomato with a shovel, and add sugar and salt to make the tomato juice faster.

Step 3
Pour in the egg liquid and stir them with a shovel. When the egg solidifies, add cold water. Cook for five minutes and bring to a boil.