I like all kinds of soup made with tomatoes. Of course, it’s not that tomatoes can make soup with any kind of ingredients, but it’s more appropriate to make soup with tomatoes and crucian carp. The fish is delicious and the tomatoes are a little sour. The process is simple. Share my practice.


1 crucian carp
2 tomatoes
650 g water
5 g oil


Step 1
Prepare two tomatoes and a crucian carp

Step 2
First fry the tomatoes in the pot, and then add some water to stew the tomato juice

Step 3
Bring another pot of water to a boil and add the fried tomatoes

Step 4
Fry crucian carp until golden on both sides

Step 5
Then put it into the pot, cover it and cook it over low heat

Step 6
Sprinkle some pepper and salt when coming out of the pot