This should be the first dish I can cook. When I was in junior high school, my father always joked that this is my specialty. I really want to go back to the past and cook a good meal for my parents


1 tomato
1 egg
5g peanut oil
3 g salt
A shallot


Step 1
Sliced tomato

Step 2
Beat the eggs into a bowl and stir well

Step 3
Put a little oil in the pot and heat it. Pour tomatoes and scallion into the pot and stir fry. If you stir fry more, the tomato flavor will be stronger

Step 4
Add an appropriate amount of water, add salt after boiling, pour the stirred egg into the boiling pot, pour it around the boiling place, don't stir it first, wait for the water to boil again, turn off the fire, so that the egg flower will be more lump and tender. Sprinkle scallion out of the pot and you can enjoy it