This [pot collapse tofu] belongs to Shandong cuisine. It tastes delicious, soft and nutritious. What I do is pure. If you want to put minced meat, you can also change green and red pepper into pepper, depending on your taste.


400g tofu (North)
Two eggs
3 cloves garlic
10g green and red sweet pepper each
200 ml water
A spoonful of raw soy sauce
A spoonful of oyster sauce
A spoonful of beef powder
A spoonful of starch
Small bowl of ordinary flour
Half a teaspoon white pepper


Step 1
Cut green red sweet pepper into small grains, cut garlic, cut tofu into pieces with a thickness of 56 mm, and break up the eggs.

Step 2
In a flat bottomed non stick pan, pour a little oil and wipe it evenly. Stick a layer of flour on the front and back of the tofu, shake off the excess flour gently, dip it into the egg liquid, pick it up after being stained with a layer of egg liquid, put it into the pot and fry it over a low heat. After one side is shaped, shovel the connected eggs along the gap between the tofu blocks with a shovel, and gently turn over the surface to continue frying.

Step 3
After turning, there will be uneven egg liquid. Scoop up the remaining egg liquid in the bowl with a spoon, turn it over again after shaping, and fry it a little.

Step 4
Boil a small spoon of beef powder and half a teaspoon of white pepper. Put the Fried Tofu Pot back on the stove, pour in the soup and cook over medium and low heat. It's best to turn the tofu over during the period.

Step 5
Half of the soup is received and sprinkled with green and red pepper. It can also be replaced with pepper and coriander.