Braised meatballs are placed in the shape of a bunch of grapes, taking the meaning of more children and more happiness. Whether it’s a family meal or a banquet, they are definitely a big dish to earn face.


200g pork stuffing
1 lotus root
300g olive oil
1 tender ginger
1 onion
Proper amount of salt
Half a spoonful of cooking wine
Half a spoonful of soy sauce
30g rock sugar
1 egg white
1 tbsp vinegar
A little sesame oil


Step 1
Clean the lotus root and tender ginger and cut them into pieces

Step 2
Mix pork stuffing with salt, ginger, lotus root, cooking wine and egg white, then stir and beat hard; Squeeze the meat stuffing into balls

Step 3
Pour 300g olive oil into the milk pot and heat it until 70% hot; Deep fry the squeezed balls and remove the golden surface

Step 4
In the frying pan, pour a little olive oil, saute shallots and ginger, then pour an appropriate amount of salt, cooking wine, vinegar, soy sauce, rock sugar and a little water to boil into a thick, red, bright, sour and sweet sweet sweet and sour juice. Finally, pour in the fried balls, stir well, and point sesame oil out of the pan