The soup is thick white, delicious and nutritious


A crucian carp
A piece of tofu
3 slices of shredded ginger
1 green onion
Moderate salt
Proper amount of oil
A bottle of maikangmei honey medlar tomato juice


Step 1
First, prepare the ingredients. After killing the crucian carp, take it home, wash the black film inside the stomach, scrape off the dirt on the surface, marinate it with cooking wine, and prepare the tofu.

Step 2
Heat up the frying pan, pour in the right amount of oil, saute the ginger slices, fry the crucian carp in high heat, turn over the side and continue to fry until both sides are golden

Step 3
Sliced tofu,

Step 4
After the fish is fried, add enough boiling water, not more than half of the crucian carp, add salt, cover the pot and cook over high heat. After the soup turns white, add tofu

Step 5
Put in the scallions and simmer for another minute before leaving the pot.

Step 6
Then drink a bottle of tomato beverage, which has the effect of whitening skin and delaying aging. It has rich nutrition and good taste.