God, this ice cream is an unexpected harvest. Because of the materials, I really didn’t want to make such a luxurious ice cream. Last month, I took Xiao Zhou to Shanghai. Two diners accidentally ordered a tiramisu ice cream. As a result, Xiao Zhou couldn’t forget the taste. When I came back, I promised him that I would make him a tiramisu ice cream with different tastes when I had time.


5g coffee powder
2 egg yolks
150g light cream
250g cheese
A little cocoa powder


Step 1
First mix instant coffee with hot water and fine granulated sugar, and then add liqueur to mix and set aside. Take egg yolk, add a little fine granulated sugar and beat until the color turns white and thick

Step 2
Cook the milk until it is warm, then slowly pour the milk into the beaten egg yolk paste and stir it constantly

Step 3
Pour the egg yolk paste into the milk pot, cook it over low heat until it is thick, remove the heat, and then filter it with a fine screen to cool it

Step 4
Beat the cheese with a manual egg beater, pour the cooled egg yolk paste into the cheese several times and stir well, and then pour the standby coffee wine (about 20g) into the cheese and stir well

Step 5
Add the remaining fine granulated sugar to the light cream and whisk until seven times (if there is a deep grain)

Step 6
Then pour the cheese paste into the light cream at one time, stir it completely, put it into the refrigerator and freeze it, stir it with an electric egg beater every other hour, stir it four times, freeze it for more than four hours, take it out and sprinkle a little cocoa powder