125g butter
120g low gluten flour
20G Espresso
90g (2 eggs)
90g fine granulated sugar
2G baking powder
5g cocoa powder
150g mascarpone cheese
150g light cream
35g powdered sugar
20G butter
70g mascarpone cheese (softened) [cheese milk cover]
60g light cream [cheese milk cover]
70g milk
2 Krom
5g fine granulated sugar
0.5g (pinch) salt


Step 1
Use pink paper and bamboo swabs (or toothpicks) to make small love decorative swabs.

Step 2
[coffee cake] put the coffee capsule with favorite taste into the capsule coffee machine (it is recommended to use the taste with high baking degree and low acidity).

Step 3
Extract espresso and let cool.

Step 4
Mix low gluten flour, cocoa powder and baking powder and stir well.

Step 5
Put the softened butter (the softness that can be easily pressed by fingers) into the cook's machine, add fine granulated sugar, and send it to the state of larger volume and white color (or manual egg beater, medium and high speed for 1-2 minutes). Add eggs in 2-3 times, and then add the next time after the egg liquid is completely absorbed.

Step 6
Finally, stir until the egg liquid is completely absorbed. (see tip 1 at the beginning for oil-water separation)

Step 7
Sift in the mixed flour (low gluten flour, cocoa powder, baking powder).

Step 8
Stir evenly at low speed until there is no dry powder. Don't stir too much (if you use a manual egg beater, this step requires manual stirring with a scraper). Add cooled espresso.

Step 9
Continue to stir and mix well.

Step 10
Put a paper cup into the cupcake mold, put the batter into the flower mounting bag (or spoon), and squeeze it into the mold for 7 or 8 minutes.

Step 11
Preheat the oven at 175 ℃ and bake in the middle for about 25 minutes. After taking out, brush a layer of espresso on the surface of the cake and cool it for standby.

Step 12
[mascarpone cream] mix softened mascarpone cheese, fully softened butter and powdered sugar, and stir until smooth. Add light cream and whisk until the flower can be mounted.

Step 13
Squeeze the cream onto the cooled coffee cake with your favorite flower mouth.

Step 14
Sprinkle an appropriate amount of cocoa powder on the cream and decorate it with little love.

Step 15
Put it in a cake box and refrigerate.

Step 16
[milk covered latte] extract espresso. You can match it with any tea or coffee you like.

Step 17
Mix mascarpone cheese, light cream, milk, rum, sugar and salt, stir until thick, with faint lines.

Step 18
Slowly pour the milk cover into the hot coffee. You can decorate it with your favorite edible flowers.