Recently, I saw an ice cream version of tiramisu. In the past, it was a hard version of Tiramisu with gilding tablets. Thinking that there are some ready-made honey red beans, I plan to eat them. They taste really good. They have the rusty feeling of red beans and hazelnuts.


Finger biscuits
450g mascarpone cheese
100g hazelnut chocolate
Appropriate amount of honey red bean
125g light cream
Moderate coffee


Step 1
I forgot to pat the cream

Step 2
First, the chocolate is separated from water, and the hazelnut is selected. At that time, it will taste granular

Step 3
Whisk the light cream to 70%, with fluidity

Step 4
Add chocolate and honey red beans to mascarpone and stir well

Step 5
Add whipped cream in batches and stir well

Step 6
Put the membrane in place

Step 7
Start with a layer of cream at the bottom

Step 8
Add finger biscuits that have been stained with coffee and repeat twice

Step 9
The last layer, wipe, put into the refrigerator, refrigerate for 4-5 hours

Step 10
Take it out and cut it