In Italy, the traditional tiramisu is soft and shapeless. It is put in a basin and dug into its own plate with a spoon. Mascarpone cheese, wine, cream and coffee determine its softness and wetness.


140g cream cheese
140g light cream
2 egg yolks
45g white granulated sugar
35g milk
10 g gilding
2 pieces of Qifeng cake
8g Nestle Espresso
55g water
30g white granulated sugar
20ml masala wine
Appropriate amount of cocoa powder


Step 1
Make coffee wine and sugar liquid. The raw materials are shown in the figure

Step 2
Add 8g black coffee powder into the container, add 55g warm water and 30g white granulated sugar, and fully stir to melt

Step 3
After cooling, add 20ml masala wine and mix well to become coffee wine sugar solution

Step 4
Make cheese paste. The ingredients are shown in the figure

Step 5
Cut the gelatine tablets into large pieces and soak them in ice water

Step 6
Stir 2 egg yolks + 20g granulated sugar + 35g milk evenly and keep stirring in hot water (about 80 ℃) until it becomes thick milk foam.

Step 7
Take it out of hot water and immediately put it into cold water to continue stirring and cooling until it becomes thicker (as shown in the figure)

Step 8
Beat mascarpone cheese in warm water (about 50 ℃) until smooth, fluffy and particle free

Step 9
Add the egg milk in step 7 into the Muscat cheese and stir it evenly.

Step 10
Then add 1 / 2 of the coffee wine sugar solution and stir well

Step 11
Take out the soaked gelatine tablets and melt them in hot water.

Step 12
Add the melted gelatine to the mixture in step 10, stir evenly, and cool slightly for use

Step 13
Pour the light cream into the container, add 25g granulated sugar and beat until it can maintain the grain and flow slightly

Step 14
Add the whipped light cream to the mixture in step 12 (cool to 30 ℃), stir it quickly and evenly to form a cheese paste. The temperature of the cheese paste is maintained at about 20 ℃, because the gelatine begins to solidify below 15 ℃.

Step 15
Assemble cake: two pieces of 6-inch Qifeng cake, with a thickness of 1.5 ~ 2 cm. This time I use cocoa flavor. Please pay attention to my recipe - "coco Qifeng cake", which has a very detailed explanation

Step 16
Oil paper is padded on the bottom of the 6-inch round movable bottom die

Step 17
Put a piece of Qifeng cake, evenly brush coffee wine and sugar liquid, and brush more

Step 18
Pour in 1 / 2 cheese paste and shake a few times to make bubbles

Step 19
Then spread a piece of Qifeng cake and brush it with coffee wine and sugar

Step 20
Pour in the remaining cheese paste, break the bubbles, level the surface, and refrigerate for 4 hours

Step 21
Put a cylindrical support at the bottom of the refrigerated cake and blow around the cake mold with a hair dryer to easily demould the cake

Step 22
Finally, evenly sift a layer of cocoa powder on the cake surface and the tiramisu cake is finished

Step 23
Cut open and see, the soft and porous Qifeng cake is full of coffee wine, with strong fragrance and moisture, and the cheese paste is also inhaled. It is closely integrated together, with clear layers and attractive colors. The saliva can't stop.