Love is baked. Over the past few years, on Valentine’s day, I always make a cake for my husband, not because of how much I admire this festival, but because of the unforgettable experiences and stories on this special day a few years ago, which have been deeply imprinted in my mind and can not be erased.


90g low gluten flour
3 eggs


Step 1
Prepare all food materials; Separate the yolk and egg white of 3 eggs in a clean container, and add 30g white sugar to the yolk; Whisk with a hand whisk until the color fades

Step 2
Add sugar into the egg white three times and beat it into hard foam; Take 1 / 3 of the protein paste, add it to the egg yolk paste, cut it up and down and mix evenly; Then take 1 / 3 of the protein paste and egg yolk paste, cut and mix evenly, and finally pour the egg yolk paste into the last 1 / 3 of the protein paste, cut and mix evenly

Step 3
Sift in low flour, cut and mix from top to bottom until the flour is mixed into the egg paste; Put it into the flower mounting bag, use the round medium-sized flower mounting mouth to extrude the finger shape and the bottom embryo shape about the size of the square mousse circle; Preheat the oven at 120 ℃ for about 15 minutes. (temperature and time depend on your oven)

Step 4
Prepare all food materials; Cut Geely Ding tablets into small pieces, put them in a bowl containing 20g milk, and melt them slowly in hot water; Mix 2 egg yolks + 60g milk + 30g sugar, and stir well in hot water (the hot water temperature does not exceed 80 ℃)

Step 5
Add the melted milk solution of jilitin tablets into the egg yolk paste and stir evenly; Whisk cream + sugar to 60% flow; Soften mascarpone cheese at room temperature and beat it with an egg beater

Step 6
Then, the paste in FIG. 13 is added to the cheese paste and stirred evenly; Add the whipped cream to the cheese paste and stir well

Step 7
Place the square bottom embryo of the baked egg finger biscuit on the bottom of the square mold, and pour half of the cheese paste into it. (the periphery of the mold is wrapped with tin foil); Add rum to espresso and stir well

Step 8
Dip the finger biscuits with coffee wine and spread them in the cheese filling

Step 9
Pour the remaining half of the cheese paste into the mold, spread it flat, and refrigerate in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.   After refrigeration, sprinkle a layer of cocoa powder. (before demoulding, the mold can be easily demoulded by blowing around the mold with a hair dryer or wrapping around the mold with a hot towel. It is best to demould first and sprinkle cocoa powder to avoid blowing the cocoa powder on the surface everywhere when demoulding with a hair dryer.)