Tiramisu has always been our family’s favorite. The excellent collocation of various materials, amazing tongue experience and simple appearance can’t reduce its status at all. Therefore, romantic tiramisu can not only be given to lovers, but also suitable for couples and families who have been together for many years. Because this ordinary appearance contains rich flavor, not only the taste of love, but also the true meaning of daily life.


3 eggs
55g low gluten flour
3 egg yolks


Step 1
Beat the fresh cream to 5 and distribute it. When pulled up, the cream can drop slightly

Step 2
Gelatine tablets softened in cold water

Step 3
Mix egg yolk with fine granulated sugar. Stir in hot water until thick and white

Step 4
Heat with half sugar water until boiling, quickly rush into the egg yolk paste and mix well

Step 5
Remove the gelatine tablets from the cold water and wring out the water

Step 6
It is heated to 40 ℃ in water and dissolved into gilding solution

Step 7
Add gelatine solution to egg yolk paste

Step 8
Add the cheese to the egg yolk paste

Step 9
Stir to form a uniform, smooth, non granular cheese paste

Step 10
Add 10g coffee and honey wine and mix well

Step 11
Add whipped cream and stir with a scraper to form mousse liquid

Step 12
Take a 6-inch movable bottom cake mold and put a layer of cake slices on it

Step 13
Mix the coffee wine with coffee and the remaining sugar water

Step 14
Wipe the cake with a small brush

Step 15
Let the cake slice soak, full of coffee flavor

Step 16
Pour a layer of mousse into the mold. Then put a layer of cake slices and pour a layer of mousse. Put it into the refrigerator for 12 hours before demoulding. Before eating, add a chocolate edge (take a edge according to the circumference of the mold, wipe water on the desktop, and stick the edge on the desktop. The chocolate melts in water (pay attention not to exceed 50 ℃) , put it into the flower mounting bag and cut a small opening. Draw your favorite pattern on the edge. After it solidifies a little, lift the edge and gently surround it around the demoulded cake) and sprinkle cocoa powder