A tiramisu in a warm afternoon, not to mention how comfortable it is


40g fine granulated sugar
2 egg yolks
30g condensed milk
10 finger biscuits
120g light cream
Moderate coffee wine
250g mascarpone cheese


Step 1
Brush a layer of coffee wine on both sides of finger biscuits for use

Step 2
Take the mascarpone cheese out of the refrigerator in advance, soften it at room temperature, and beat it into paste with an electric egg beater

Step 3
Add fine granulated sugar into the egg yolk, add condensed milk, separate it from hot water, and break it up with a manual egg beater

Step 4
Beat until the sugar dissolves

Step 5
Add the beaten egg yolk to the cheese bowl and beat it with an electric egg beater until smooth

Step 6
Beat the light cream with an electric egg beater until seven and distribute it, like thick yogurt

Step 7
Add the whipped cream to the cheese paste basin, and then beat it with an electric egg beater until it is well mixed. The cheese paste is ready

Step 8
Take out the cup, break the biscuit brushed with coffee wine into an appropriate length and lay it at the bottom of the cup, put the cheese paste into the flower mounting bag, squeeze a layer of cheese paste on the biscuit, add a layer of finger cake, and then squeeze the cheese paste. This is repeated. After the top layer of cheese paste is flattened, put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours, take it out, screen a layer of cocoa powder on it and decorate it with fruit