Tiramisu doesn’t look very good. It tastes good. Because the weather was too hot when it was done, the cocoa powder just put in immediately penetrated


250g (muscapen) cheese
1 egg yolk
60g fine granulated sugar
120 ml light cream
50ml coffee wine
75g finger biscuit
Appropriate amount of cocoa powder
Appropriate amount of powdered sugar


Step 1
Put the egg yolk and fine sugar into a bowl

Step 2
Put hot water in the pot and put the bowl into the pot. Heat in water and stir until the sugar dissolves and the egg yolk turns white

Step 3
Beat the cream until 7 minutes

Step 4
Mascarpone loosened his hair with an egg beater and added the egg yolk paste. Mix the light cream evenly to form the cheese filling

Step 5
Pour in proper amount of coffee wine

Step 6
Take a finger biscuit and soak it quickly in coffee wine,

Step 7
Spread to the bottom of the cup

Step 8
Pour some cheese filling into the bottom of the cup

Step 9
Then put in the biscuits

Step 10
Pour in the cheese filling

Step 11
Repeat the above steps until it is filled, leveled, and refrigerated in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours

Step 12
Sprinkle cocoa powder before eating

Step 13
You can also decorate it with powdered sugar