Tiramisu is the most popular dessert, which will appear in all dessert shops, cake rooms and hotel restaurants. The taste is also diverse, original, Matcha and strawberries, but its essence is always inseparable from the rich cheese and cream, the mellow aroma of coffee and the dense finger biscuits. The premise of free eating is that its practice is not complex, so you can try different shapes and proportions. And today’s “tiramisu” is rich in deep meaning as its origin. Like today’s date “520”, it is a pronoun to express love. I wish lovers get married.


100g lemon juice
1 egg yolk
15g sugar
100g fresh cream
120g finger biscuit
15g Espresso
25 Krom
15g diluted sugar water
5 g gilding
100 grams of mascarpone cheese
A little cocoa powder


Step 1
Boil some thin sugar water in advance, then add espresso and rum, mix and stir evenly to form coffee wine sugar solution, cool and use. Soak Geely Ding tablets in ice water for 5-10 minutes. When Geely Ding tablets are soft, they can be used; Mix mascarpone cheese well, add rum and lemon juice and mix well

Step 2
Mix the egg yolk with 15g sugar, beat it with hot water (no more than 80 ℃) until the sugar melts, add the soaked Geely Ding tablets, stir constantly to make the Geely Ding tablets completely melt, turn off the fire, and then stir and add it to the mascapone cheese paste; Mix the fresh cream with 15g sugar, stir it to thicken it (pay attention not to beat it, keep it flowing and slightly thick) and add it to the cheese paste

Step 3
Cut biscuits into appropriate sizes, dip them with coffee wine and sugar solution, and pad them into the bottom of the mold; Pour half a cup of cheese paste into the biscuit. If the mold is high, put a layer of biscuit stained with coffee wine and sugar in the middle, and then pour the cheese paste until the cup surface is flush

Step 4
Refrigerate until set. Sift cocoa powder and powdered sugar before serving