Tiramisu is essential every year, and then I seem to be used to it. I buy a large box of mascarpone every time, and then make tiramisu twice. Because the preservation period of this cheese is very short, it should be used up as soon as possible.. Uh.. Why do you feel a bit trapped in a cocoon.. However, it’s really not enjoyable to make it only once. Each person has one cup in a small cup. In fact, you don’t eat much… So, what a wise choice to do twice~~


300 kmasca
200g light cream
60 g water
60g fine granulated sugar
3 egg yolks
3 tablets of gelatine
50ml coffee wine
30g white coffee
100ml boiled water
Finger biscuits
Appropriate amount of cocoa powder
Appropriate amount of powdered sugar


Step 1
Cut finger biscuits into appropriate lengths

Step 2
Place a circle inside the mold for standby

Step 3
Pour the white coffee into the measuring cup

Step 4
Pour 100ml of hot water and mix well

Step 5
Let it cool and pour in the coffee wine

Step 6
Mix well and set aside

Step 7
Soak gilding tablets in cold water and set aside

Step 8
Break up the egg yolk and set aside

Step 9
Pour water and sugar into a small pot

Step 10
Turn off the fire after heating to boiling

Step 11
Pour the sugar water into the egg yolk

Step 12
Beat with an electric egg beater while pouring

Step 13
Until all are poured out, continue beating until it is not hot

Step 14
Remove mascarpone cheese softened at room temperature

Step 15
Stir until smooth

Step 16
Pour the egg yolk paste into the cheese and stir well

Step 17
Drain the gelatine tablets

Step 18
Then heat it in water until it melts

Step 19
Pour into the cheese paste

Step 20
Mix well

Step 21
Beat the cream until 7 minutes

Step 22
Pour into the cheese paste several times

Step 23
Mix well and the tiramisu cheese paste is ready

Step 24
Dip your finger cookies in coffee syrup

Step 25
Lay a layer at the bottom of the mold

Step 26
Pour in half of the tiramisu cheese paste

Step 27
Continue to put finger biscuits dipped in coffee syrup

Step 28
Pour all the remaining cheese paste into the mold, refrigerate the cake mold in the refrigerator for half a day, demould after complete solidification, and sprinkle some cocoa powder and powdered sugar on the surface for decoration