I don’t understand why I like it. Maybe this is the feeling of like —


80g mascapen cheese
2 egg whites
2 egg yolks
80 ml light cream
30g sugar
Appropriate amount of cocoa powder
6 digestive biscuits


Step 1
stores reserve

Step 2
Add 20 grams of sugar to the egg yolk

Step 3
Heat egg yolk and sugar in water until thick

Step 4
Let it cool and then add mascapen

Step 5
Then it's hard to mix well

Step 6
Take out a plate without oil and water, pour in cream and beat

Step 7
I'm playing like this. If I can't fall down...

Step 8
Then stir the egg yolk paste and cream evenly

Step 9
After that, beat the protein and add the remaining 10 grams of sugar in batches

Step 10
Add the protein twice, turn it up and down, and use it gently (remember that you are a gentle and beautiful girl)

Step 11
Take out the cup and break the digestive cake

Step 12
Pour in the prepared paste, then put biscuits in one layer, break one layer of paste, and so on...

Step 13
Spread some chocolate powder on it. Don't ask me why there are white things. I wanted to make a pattern on it. Who knows that it failed (I can't handle it). Finally, I mixed it well. It feels a little starry from a distance --

Step 14