This tiramisu is specially made for Fang’s classmates. I met my sister last year because of travel. Is a kind and warm woman. I love sweets, so when I ate tiramisu, I promised to make one for her personally. So I chose the cup version suitable for carrying and made two flavors of Matcha and cocoa.


200g cheese
120g light cream
7 finger biscuits
2 egg yolks


Step 1
Prepare the required ingredients

Step 2
Put 2 egg yolks, 40g white granulated sugar, 25g fresh milk and 15krom wine into a bowl

Step 3
Beat well with an egg beater

Step 4
Sit the bowl in hot water and beat it continuously to raise the temperature of the egg yolk mixture to 80 degrees. Beat the egg yolk into thick milk foam (the temperature should not be too high to prevent the egg yolk from forming particles)

Step 5
Then put it in a cold water basin and continue stirring until it cools (the egg yolk foam is thick after cooling)

Step 6
Beat 200g cheese with an electric egg beater until smooth

Step 7
Pour the egg yolk foam into the cheese and keep stirring with an egg beater while pouring (the finished cheese paste may be thin, and put it into the refrigerator until the texture becomes thick); Use an electric egg beater to beat 120 grams of fresh cream until the texture can be maintained, then mix it into the cheese paste, and the mascarpone filling is ready

Step 8
Break the finger biscuits into proper size, dip them in the coffee wine and suck up the coffee wine

Step 9
Then lay it on the bottom of the cup

Step 10
Pour the mascarpone filling into the cup to 1 / 2 of the height, and then spread a layer of finger biscuits dipped in coffee wine

Step 11
Pour in mascarpone filling until full, scrape the surface flat and refrigerate for 4 hours

Step 12
Take it out, sift a layer of cocoa powder or Matcha powder on the surface, and sprinkle some powdered sugar as decoration