Tiramisu is an Italian dessert with the smell of coffee wine. Mascapone cheese is used as the main material, and finger biscuits are used to replace the traditional dessert sponge cake, adding coffee, cocoa powder and other elements. When you eat it, it is fragrant, smooth, sweet, greasy and soft, with texture changes. The taste is not blindly sweet. Because it’s for children, I didn’t put rum. It tastes great. It melts in the mouth. It’s fragrant, sweet, smooth and has endless aftertaste!


60g finger biscuit
120g light cream
200g mascapen cheese
1 pack of instant coffee
1 egg yolk
70g sugar
75 g water
10 g gilding


Step 1
All the ingredients are ready

Step 2
Protein egg yolk separation, only need an egg yolk, beat it with an egg beater

Step 3
Soak gelatine in cold water and set aside

Step 4
Pour 60g sugar and 75g water into the milk pot and bring to a boil

Step 5
Pour the boiled syrup into the egg yolk, beat the egg yolk with an egg beater in advance until it turns white, and stir it when it comes to the sugar water, in order to sterilize the egg yolk

Step 6
Put 200g mascarpone cheese into the egg beating basin. The cheese does not need to be heated. The texture is very soft. You can beat it directly with an egg beater

Step 7
Beat mascarpone with an egg beater until smooth

Step 8
Pour in the egg yolk paste

Step 9
Continue beating with an egg beater to blend mascarpon and egg yolk paste smoothly

Step 10
Next, whisk the light cream, add 10g sugar to the light cream, and beat it with an egg beater until 6 or 7

Step 11
Pour in the previous mascarpone egg yolk paste

Step 12
Continue to beat smooth with the egg beater

Step 13
Melt the soft gelatine over water and pour it into the tiramisu cheese paste

Step 14
Put the final tiramisu cheese paste aside

Step 15
Wrap the bottom of mousse mold with tin foil and put the mold on a flat plate so that it can be directly placed in the refrigerator without moving to avoid liquid leakage. I use the bottom of Qifeng mold

Step 16
Instant coffee powder is boiled in hot water and cooled in the air. Add an appropriate amount of rum to make coffee wine. I didn't add rum because I gave it to children. The coffee powder directly used also tastes great

Step 17
Finger biscuits are dipped in coffee liquid. It's best to brush the surface with a brush. In this way, the bubbles should be taken out quickly, because finger biscuits have strong water absorption and will not be taken out for a long time

Step 18
Put the finger biscuits filled with coffee liquid into the bottom of the mold

Step 19
Then pour in the cheese paste

Step 20
Put a layer of finger biscuits in the middle, fill it with cheese paste, scrape the surface, and refrigerate it in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours

Step 21
Refrigerated tiramisu, blow it with a hot towel or hair dryer

Step 22
Sprinkle cocoa powder on the surface and decorate it with small chocolate shapes. You can enjoy it