Tiramis ù is a famous Italian cake, which can be translated into tiramisu. As a representative of Italian desserts, they are gorgeous and charming. They are fashionable desserts popular in major cafes, bakeries and Western restaurants


120g low gluten flour
10g cocoa powder
2 bags of coffee
250g cheese
11 egg yolks
2 pieces of gelatine


Step 1
The practice of Qifeng cake is carried out according to the conventional process. It has been done many times in the past and will not be described in detail. Cool and demould Qifeng cake into 2 pieces about 1.2 cm thick

Step 2
Then press out the pattern with the die for standby

Step 3
Making cheese paste: egg yolk + fine granulated sugar + vanilla essence, stir until thick and smooth

Step 4
Add the egg yolk paste to the mascarpone cheese, which has been stirred to smooth, and stir well

Step 5
Soak gelatine in ice water and melt it in water. Add it to the cheese paste in the previous step and mix well. You can stir it in water to make it smoother

Step 6
Beat the fresh cream until 6-7 to distribute (viscous but slightly flowing)

Step 7
Add the fresh cream to the cheese paste in step 4 and mix well with a rubber scraper so that the horse cheese paste is ready

Step 8
Wrap the bottom of the mousse ring with tin foil, and put a piece of cake into the mousse ring, then mix the coffee with water and coffee wine, and brush it evenly on the cake with a brush. If it is not enough, mix some more

Step 9
Pour in some cheese paste

Step 10
Put another slice of cake and brush with coffee. Then pour in a part of cheese paste, smooth the surface with a spatula, refrigerate for 1 night, blow around with a hair dryer and demould

Step 11
Sprinkle a layer of coffee powder on the surface, then put flower slices, sprinkle sugar powder, put birthday cards and birthday beads, and it's OK