“Years are quiet and good, talking with you; years of thin water are the same as you; prosperity is exhausted, and you are the same as the old man.” tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts. I don’t know why, I always think it’s a very quiet dessert, but I can taste thousands of flavors in one bite. Every year on my birthday, I make a tiramisu birthday for myself, and this year is no exception,


500g mascarpone cheese
300 ml animal cream
150g milk
75g granulated sugar
4 egg yolks
1 finger cake
100ml coffee wine (espresso + rum)
20G gilding tablets
Appropriate amount of cocoa powder


Step 1
Break jilitin tablets into small pieces, soak them in cold water, filter out the water, and heat them in water until jilitin tablets dissolve into jilitin solution.

Step 2
Beat the egg yolk to a thick state with an egg beater;

Step 3
Pour milk and fine granulated sugar into the pot, heat over low heat and turn off the fire after boiling;

Step 4
Slowly pour the boiled milk into the beaten egg yolk and beat it with an egg beater for 8-10 minutes. The temperature of the egg yolk paste is basically the same as that of the hand. Put it aside for cooling;

Step 5
Take another bowl, fill it with mascarpone cheese and beat it with an egg beater until smooth;

Step 6
Mix the whipped mascarpone cheese with the cooled egg yolk paste;

Step 7
Pour gelatine solution into mascarpone cheese and egg paste and mix well;

Step 8
Pour the animal cream into the basin and beat it with an egg beater until it is soft and foamy (just with lines);

Step 9
Mix with mascarpone cheese and egg paste;

Step 10
Take a finger biscuit, dip it in the coffee wine quickly, make the finger biscuit covered with coffee wine, and then lay the finger biscuit at the bottom of the cake round mold;

Step 11
Repeat this process until the bottom of the cake round mold is covered with finger biscuits, and then pour half of the mascarpone cheese paste;

Step 12
Spread a layer of finger biscuits dipped in coffee wine on the mascarpone cheese paste, pour in the remaining half of the mascarpone cheese paste, and then refrigerate in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours;

Step 13
After the mascarpone cheese paste solidifies, remove it from the refrigerator and sprinkle cocoa powder on the surface for decoration.