Tiramisu, she is the symbol of love. I really like to eat this symbol of love! Next, let’s learn how to make it~


250g cheese
150g light cream
1 egg yolk
50g finger biscuits
5g cocoa powder


Step 1
Put the egg yolk and 20g white granulated sugar into the basin, stir evenly, heat with water, stir while heating, and continue to heat for about 1 minute after the water boils, stirring all the way

Step 2
After stirring, add cream cheese and stir with an electric egg beater over hot water until smooth

Step 3
Add the remaining white granulated sugar to the light cream and beat until 7 distributed. Pour it into the stirred cream cheese in several times, taking about 1 / 3 of each time

Step 4
Stir well after each addition. Add the whipped cream in turn and mix well

Step 5
Stir 1 / 2 tablespoon instant coffee powder with 40ml hot water. After cooling, add 15ml rum and stir well to form wine sugar solution

Step 6
Finger biscuits are covered with wine and sugar liquid and laid at the bottom of the cup. The cream cheese paste is put in the flower mounting bag (take a very small amount of cheese paste into another flower mounting bag for decoration). Squeeze it into the glass and squeeze half a cup of cheese paste

Step 7
Spread another layer of finger biscuits stained with wine and sugar, continue to fill with cheese paste and smooth it

Step 8
Cut the spare flower mounting bag, squeeze out your favorite pattern on the cheese paste, refrigerate the cheese paste in the refrigerator for 4 hours, take it out and sift the cocoa powder on the surface