Tiramisu, in Italian, has the meaning of “take me away”. It takes away not only delicious food, but also love and happiness.


300g cheese
300g light cream
2 pieces of gelatine
3 egg yolks


Step 1
Tear the gelatine tablets into large pieces, soak them in ice water and set aside. Mix 2 packets of instant coffee with heated water to make about 150ml of coffee. After warming, add 10ml of coffee wine, mix well into coffee wine, and pour out 15ml for standby

Step 2
Put mascarpone cheese into a large plate, stir and dissolve it in hot water (low heat) until it is smooth and free of particles. Take it out and set aside

Step 3
Take another large bowl, pour in milk, continue to heat over low heat and separate water, add sugar to dissolve, then add soft Geely Ding tablets in turn, stir until dissolved, and then pour in 15ml of prepared coffee wine and stir well

Step 4
While it is warm, pour in the scattered egg yolk. Move quickly. Beat it while pouring. After pouring, take it off the water and continue to beat it evenly

Step 5
When the temperature drops slightly, pour into mascarpone cheese paste and mix well

Step 6
Put the light cream into the large plate and beat it until it is 60-70% (it won't flow)

Step 7
Add the light cream into the cheese paste 3-4 times, turn it up and down and cut it evenly to make it a uniform and smooth cream cheese paste (do not turn clockwise or circle hard)

Step 8
Brush the remaining coffee liquor on both sides of the finger biscuit (practice) until it is finished ~ then lay the biscuit at the bottom of the container, pour in the cream cheese paste, and freeze it in the refrigerator for about 3 hours (at first, the finger biscuit will float up, don't care about it, put it in the refrigerator for freezing, and press the biscuit down slightly with chopsticks for about 30 minutes to prevent it from floating and sinking at the bottom)

Step 9
Sift cocoa powder evenly on the screen, demould and cut into pieces