Tiramisu is an Italian dessert with the smell of coffee wine. Mascapone cheese is used as the main material, and finger biscuits are used to replace the traditional dessert sponge cake, adding coffee, cocoa powder and other elements. When you eat it, it is fragrant, smooth, sweet, greasy and soft, with texture changes. The taste is not blindly sweet.


300 kmasca
200g light cream
60 g water
60g fine granulated sugar
3 egg yolks
3 tablets of gelatine
50ml coffee wine
Finger biscuits
Appropriate amount of cocoa powder


Step 1
Egg yolk pastry

Step 2
Mix water and sugar and bring to a boil

Step 3
Pour the sugar water into the egg yolk and stir constantly to prevent caking

Step 4
Melt gilding

Step 5
Pour into the egg yolk paste

Step 6
Beat cream cheese until smooth

Step 7
Mix with egg yolk paste

Step 8
Beat light cream into 50%

Step 9
Pour into the cheese paste and stir well

Step 10
Make coffee with finger biscuits and put them into the bottom of the mold

Step 11
Pour in the cheese paste and spread it in about 3 layers

Step 12
Refrigerate for at least 5 hours

Step 13