This tiramisu was made for a sister hundreds of kilometers away from me. My sister drove all the way to get this cake. Full of moving ~


280 kmasca
400g light cream
25 ml pure milk
60g + 50g fine granulated sugar
3 egg yolks
3 tablets of gelatine
10 ml rum
50ml coffee wine syrup: coffee wine
30g coffee wine syrup: Espresso
15ml coffee wine syrup: bitter apricot wine
Appropriate amount of cocoa powder
Two chocolate cocoa cake slices
Two chocolate leaves


Step 1
Get the ingredients ready

Step 2
Cold water soaked jilitin tablets

Step 3
Add 50g fine granulated sugar to pure milk, stir well and cook over low heat

Step 4
Boil the pure milk to about 85 degrees

Step 5
Pour pure milk slowly along the wall of the bowl and stir as you pour it

Step 6
Mix mascarpone well, pour in egg yolk paste and stir well

Step 7
Drain jilitin tablets and dissolve in liquid at intervals of 70 ° C hot water

Step 8
Add the dissolved gellidine liquid into mascapene and stir evenly

Step 9
Pour the cream into the container

Step 10
Add 60g fine granulated sugar and rum

Step 11
Send to the state shown in the figure

Step 12
Pour mascarpone egg yolk paste into light cream and mix well

Step 13
Mixed mousse paste

Step 14
Mix coffee wine, sugar liquid and ingredients evenly

Step 15
Code the cake into an 8-inch mold, and brush a thin layer of coffee wine and sugar liquid on the surface

Step 16
Pour in 1 / 2 mousse paste

Step 17
Then put in a piece of cake and brush a thin layer of coffee wine and sugar

Step 18
Pour in the remaining mousse paste and send it to the refrigerator for more than 10 hours

Step 19
Take out the tiramisu embryo, sift a layer of cocoa powder, breathe a circle with a hair dryer, and demould easily

Step 20
The surface is decorated with chocolate leaves, which can be arranged ~