In hot summer, when your appetite drops, you might as well mix this “tiger dish” to keep your appetite open. Now the ingredients in this “tiger food” are much richer than before. It is no longer a simple old three. Both nutrition and taste are much richer than the “tiger food” I ate when I was a child. Today, the “tiger food” I made is loved by children! The child has eaten two bowls of rice in a row. It’s really fun!


50g pepper
50g purple cabbage
20G shrimp skin
50g coriander
10g olive
30g scallion
Appropriate amount of millet pepper
A small amount of salt
30g carrot
10ml sesame oil


Step 1
Prepare the following ingredients: rinse the saltless shrimp skin with water to remove the water. Wash the coriander, purple cabbage, sharp pepper, millet pepper, green onion and carrot for standby. Open the lid of the olive dish

Step 2
Change the knife to cut all vegetables as shown in the figure below: shred green pepper, purple cabbage and carrot, cut parsley into small sections, and cut green onion and millet pepper into small dices

Step 3
Put green pepper, carrot and purple cabbage into a small basin

Step 4
Add an appropriate amount of sesame oil

Step 5
Mix and add a little salt. If you put salted shrimp skin, reduce the amount of salt

Step 6
Add coriander section

Step 7
Mix the ingredients and seasonings with chopsticks

Step 8
Add scallion and millet pepper

Step 9
Add salt free shrimp skin. If it is salted shrimp skin, wash it with water several times to remove some salt to avoid being too salty

Step 10
Mix the shrimps and vegetables

Step 11
Put the mixed vegetables into a small plate, and then add some olive vegetables. Mix well when eating