Tiramisu is an Italian dessert with coffee flavor. It seems that the process is very complex, but it is actually very simple. When I first started baking, the first dessert I made was tiramisu. At that time, I thought that this romantic dessert was so expensive to sell in the mall. It must be very complicated. The result was so simple. It was eaten by friends around me and won unanimous praise. It was also praised by friends ❤, After doing it once, I embarked on the road of no return.


4 eggs
160 grams mascapone cheese
160g light cream
60g white granulated sugar
1 pack of finger biscuits
Appropriate amount of cocoa powder
Appropriate amount of powdered sugar


Step 1
Make coffee

Step 2
Add an appropriate amount of rum according to your preference, stir well and set aside

Step 3
Four eggs can be separated from egg white. You can pour the egg shell on both sides or directly use the egg white separator

Step 4
Stir the egg yolk evenly in hot water. Note that the bottom of the bowl does not directly contact the water surface

Step 5
Add 160g mascarpone cheese and stir well

Step 6
Beat 160g light cream to 60%

Step 7
Pour the light cream into the egg paste and stir it evenly

Step 8
Beat the egg whites with white granulated sugar three times

Step 9
Beat until hard foaming. Just lift the protein with a small sharp corner

Step 10
Mix and stir evenly

Step 11
The bottom of the cup is padded with cheese paste and shaken flat

Step 12
Finger biscuits dipped in coffee wine

Step 13
Spread it on the cheese paste

Step 14
Then lay a layer of cheese paste and a layer of finger biscuits until they are full. Shake the surface every time you add cheese paste

Step 15
Refrigerate for 4 hours

Step 16
Chilled tiramisu will taste better, with cocoa powder sifted into the surface

Step 17
Decorate with powdered sugar

Step 18
Tiramisu, the representative of love, is finished. Give it to your beloved