I like spring rolls. Most of the local spring rolls are crushed spinach eggs or shepherd’s purse eggs. This time, black fungus is added, which is more fragrant, delicious and nutritious.


600g spring roll skin
600g shepherd's purse
80g bubble black fungus
80g eggs
500g edible oil
5g starch
2 g salt


Step 1
Wash the shepherd's purse, drain the water and chop it up.

Step 2
Soak the black fungus and chop it.

Step 3
Stir fry the eggs until they are broken.

Step 4
Cut shepherd's purse and mix it with vegetable oil and a little starch.

Step 5
Add crushed black fungus, egg and a little salt and mix well.

Step 6
Take a spring roll skin and put an appropriate amount of stuffing.

Step 7
Roll forward. Turn left and right. Roll it forward again, and the edge is easy to stick with a little water.

Step 8
Wrap the spring rolls in turn.

Step 9
Put oil into the pot, heat and fry spring rolls.

Step 10
Deep fry until golden.