Mushroom soup is delicious and nourishing


100g flour
10g salt
15g tea tree mushroom
10g chicken juice
10g vermicelli
5g fungus
5 spinach
10g bean sprouts
1 ham sausage
1 mushroom
2 mouth mushrooms


Step 1
Beat the flour into flocs

Step 2
Knead the dough and set it aside

Step 3
Wash mushrooms, mouth mushrooms and tea tree mushrooms and set aside

Step 4
Cut mushrooms for use

Step 5
Wash spinach and cut into sections for use

Step 6
Agaric and vermicelli bubbles are ready for use

Step 7
Divide the surface into several equal parts, hold it in your hand, and cut it into long strips with scissors. It must be a thick cone in the middle of the two tips.

Step 8
1. Cook the scissors noodles in hot water for 8 years, and then take out the cold water for use. 2. Cook with boiling water again: add salt, chicken juice, mushrooms, bean sprouts, fungus, ham sausage and spinach. 3. Finally, add scissors noodles to cook, and you can enjoy delicious food