Dumplings are best made by yourself. Cooking, stuffing… I like to add some sugar. I don’t have to add much, and I don’t have to eat sweetness, just to make it fresh


300g flour
160 warm water
200g meat stuffing
1 egg
Right amount of leek
Proper amount of fungus (water hair)
Appropriate amount of chopped green onion
Proper ginger powder
Proper amount of salt
A little sugar
Moderate old smoke
Proper oyster sauce
Proper sesame oil


Step 1
Add 1g salt to the flour and add water to make a smooth dough. Cover with a wet towel.

Step 2
Mix the meat stuffing with various seasonings and set aside

Step 3
Scrambled eggs

Step 4
Chop the fungus and leek, and mix them with the egg in the meat filling.

Step 5
The dough was pulled into a dosage

Step 6
Roll into skin

Step 7
Pack with stuffing

Step 8
Make dumplings

Step 9
Wrapped dumplings

Step 10
Boil in an underwater pot. With chili, garlic and vinegar