Shepherd’s purse is also horseshoe. When people in Fuzhou make meat swallow stuffing, they like to chop the horseshoe and add it to the meat, so that they can eat delicious horseshoe in every bite. Meat with horseshoes won’t taste so greasy. I usually like to see other people’s recipes, and then improve them according to my own taste. The meat bags made with this filling are full of praise. If you are interested, you can make some at home. If you can’t finish it, you can freeze it. It’s very convenient to heat it up in the morning as breakfast.


280 ~ 300g wheat flour
150g hot water
20G sugar
1000g pork (leg)
150 ~ 200g (like to add) scallion white
Proper pepper powder
Appropriate amount of five spice powder
Proper ginger powder
15 dried mushrooms
2 carrots
1000g horseshoe
5 tbsp oyster sauce
Proper raw extract
Proper amount of sugar
Moderate old smoke


Step 1
Wash the prepared materials. get ready. Mushroom is best to use flower mushroom, wash twice with warm water and soak your hair. Don't pour out the water for soaking your hair.

Step 2
Chop the horseshoe. Try not to pat it and chop it. In this way, the juice in the horseshoe will splash out. Just slice it with a knife and chop it a little. Shredded carrot, chopped scallion

Step 3
I bought my own meat grinder and ground my own meat. Lean meat and fat meat are ground separately. The fat meat is boiled into pig oil residue in the pot first, and then used to adjust the filling. The taste will be more fragrant. You can try.

Step 4
When the pig oil residue in the pot is almost boiled, pour the minced ginger and scallion into it and explode until fragrant

Step 5
Then add mushrooms

Step 6
Carrots are fat soluble food. It's best to fry them in oil. Then put the seasoning in, according to personal taste.

Step 7
Mix the water with the meat stuffing, add it bit by bit, and stir it in one direction while adding it until the meat stuffing can no longer absorb water. This step is to make the filling more juicy. After the filling in the frying pan cools down, pour the meat filling and horseshoe into it and stir together. If you want to know whether the taste is well adjusted, just take a little and fry it in the pot. Try the taste. It's not enough to add it yourself. So don't pour salt at the beginning.

Step 8
This step must pay attention to using hot water (60-70 ℃) to make steamed buns. The steamed buns made by scalding method are very soft. Because it's steamed stuffed bun, you don't need a lot of sugar. Just add a little to help yeast fermentation. No toaster can use a basin. Water and flour should not be poured in at once. Different flour has different water absorption.

Step 9
The kneaded dough is non stick, non stick basin, and the dough is smooth. Ferment in a warm place for 45 ~ 60 minutes

Step 10
The fermented dough can be poked with your fingers. If the dough does not retract, it means that it is fermented

Step 11
Internal organization of fermented dough

Step 12

Step 13
Divide the dough into small dosage forms. Size is up to you

Step 14
The rolling pin rolls the small dosage into a thick dough in the middle and thin on the four sides

Step 15
The steamed stuffed buns should be fermented twice. The fermentation time should be 25 ~ 30 minutes

Step 16
After the second fermentation, steam for 10 minutes.

Step 17
Don't open steamed buns immediately to avoid shrinking in cold. Let it stand for about 2 minutes and then open it. Eat it while it's hot.