These three delicacies are: black fungus, minced meat, and cabbage in the outer layer. Cabbage, fried food and stuffing, we all like it very much, especially the colder the weather, the more fresh and sweet the cabbage in the field. The cabbage roll eaten in her mother’s house does not have black fungus. Black fungus is added to add flavor and nutrition. The black-and-white dishes in Northeast China are fried cabbage with black fungus. Together, the two are delicious.


Pig front leg meat 250g pork
Soaked black fungus 50g black fungus
300g cabbage
40g eggs
10g ginger
5g scallion
25ml water
100ml water starch
5g diced red pepper


Step 1
Remove the roots and leaves of the cabbage, blanch it with boiling water until soft, and cool it.

Step 2
Minced pork, stir with a little water.

Step 3
Soak black fungus hair, wash and chop.

Step 4
Add egg, ginger and onion to minced meat. Broken black fungus. Stir and mix well.

Step 5
Take a piece of cabbage leaf, put an appropriate amount of minced meat stuffing and wrap it.

Step 6
Wrap the cabbage roll, place the plate, steam in the pot for about 8-10 minutes.

Step 7
Prepare water starch and mix an appropriate amount of starch and water. Prepare some diced red pepper and scallion.

Step 8
Add an appropriate amount of soup or water to the pot, bring to a boil, add water starch and stir until thick.

Step 9
Sprinkle with scallion and diced red pepper, sprinkle with water, starch and sesame oil. Finished products.