Although there is no soup, the wonton cooked in this way is extremely delicious. Wonton can be put into their favorite ingredients. This is a bowl of nutritious wonton.


8 wonton
4 Arctic sweet shrimps
1 beef ball
1 shrimp dumpling
2 amaranth
1 tsp salt
A little raw


Step 1
Prepare the required main materials.

Step 2
Put an appropriate amount of water and salt into the pot.

Step 3
Add beef balls and shrimp dumplings.

Step 4
Put water into another pot. After boiling, put wonton. After wonton is boiled, continue to roll a few more times.

Step 5
Boil and add amaranth.

Step 6
After the amaranth is cooked, add the Arctic sweet shrimp. When you see the shrimp changing color, add the raw soy sauce, turn off the fire, and put the cooked wonton into the pot.