In my memory, I didn’t like to eat some food with stuffing since I was very young. Grandma’s leek pork dumplings and grandpa’s fennel steamed stuffed buns are all among them. Adults are afraid that children are picky about food, so they force me to eat. At that time, I break the food into small pieces, covered with vinegar and chili oil, swallow it whole, and drink a few mouthfuls. On the one hand, I alleviate the impact of taste buds, on the other hand, I show dissatisfaction with adults. Now think about it, I really miss the original time. How happy it is to be urged to eat


Eight Liang pork
Four Liang leeks
Half a catty of shrimps
A handful of chives
Five tablespoons cooking wine
Three tablespoons of fuel consumption
Two tablespoons of raw soy sauce
Three tablespoons ginger powder
A little sesame oil
A little salt, sugar
Taste dependent pepper
Two tablespoons chicken essence


Step 1
When you chop meat, you must chop it. It's troublesome. You can let the seller slice it and chop it back. The meat stuffing processed directly is too broken and not delicious. Add three tablespoons of cooking wine, two tablespoons of raw soy sauce, a little chicken essence, add a little water, stir in one direction, add water, continue to stir, repeat three or four times.

Step 2
Shelled shrimps and shrimp lines, put a tablespoon of cooking wine and ginger powder, cover with plastic wrap, put them in the refrigerator, marinate for half an hour, and remove the fishy smell.

Step 3
Chopped shallots

Step 4
Chop half the shrimps into mud and half into grains. Put them into the meat stuffing with scallions and stir well.

Step 5
Chop the leeks, stir in sesame oil, add fragrance and avoid water. Then put it into the meat stuffing just mixed, add two tablespoons of oil consumption, a little salt and sugar, and season it.

Step 6
Mom thought I was too slow and helped me make wonton.

Step 7
Because I don't have much practical experience, I can't count the skins and fillings every time. This time, there are fewer skins. My mother said that I wrapped wonton into big dumplings

Step 8
Two hem ha two generals waiting at the door~

Step 9
I forgot to take the soup. Here's a supplement. After the seaweed, shrimp skin and wonton are cooked in the bowl, first pour the soup into the bowl, wash away the ingredients, put them into the wonton, and finally order sesame oil, pepper and scallion. The hot and fragrant wonton can be served~