Since I was a child, I like to eat vegetarian three fresh pies made by my grandmother. The crust is golden and crisp, and the fillings are fresh and delicious. The pie made by grandma never puts excess seasoning. It depends on the original freshness of the ingredients to improve the taste. It is the most delicious pie I have ever eaten.


200g high gluten powder
100g millet cake powder
180 g water
300g leek
2 eggs
10g black fungus
50g fans
1 shallot
2 g ginger
1g five spice powder
3 g salt
20ml blended oil
5 ml sesame oil


Step 1
And noodles first. Mix high gluten flour and millet flour and put a little salt.

Step 2
Then add boiling water and stir with chopsticks to form flocs.

Step 3
Stir the seeds into flocs.

Step 4
It will be hard at first. Continue kneading for a while, and it will become a smooth and soft dough. Cover with wet gauze and wake up for 20 minutes.

Step 5
Soak black fungus in advance, wash and chop it for use. Don't use hot water to soak the hair of agaric. If you have enough time, soak the hair in cold water. If you take a long time, the hair of agaric will be fully soaked and the taste will be better.

Step 6
Break up the eggs, add a little salt, slightly adjust the taste or no salt, because you have to add seasoning to mix the stuffing. Put salt normally, and the eggs will be salty at last. Put the oil into the frying pan, heat it, put the beaten egg liquid under it, and stir it quickly, so that the scrambled egg will automatically become a block. Let the scrambled eggs cool and then cut them into pieces.

Step 7
After washing and drying the leeks, cut them into pieces. Cut the pie as small as possible.

Step 8
Scald the vermicelli with hot water, quickly take out the cold water, drain the water, and chop it up for use.

Step 9
In the scrambled egg pot, mix the vermicelli, black fungus and egg together, add the chopped onion and ginger, and then add all the spices such as five spice powder, salt and sesame oil.

Step 10
Wake up the dough into 10 small doses, each about 48 grams, which can be used to make 10 large pies.

Step 11
Roll each small dosage into a thin and large cake skin. Try to be thin at the edge and thicker in the middle. But don't roll too thin, so as not to break and leak the filling.

Step 12
After all the noodles are rolled out, add the leek powder to the filling and mix well, because it will be wrapped immediately. Even if a small amount of water will be produced, it will be absorbed by the fans.

Step 13
Take a pastry and wrap it with an appropriate amount of stuffing.

Step 14
Pinch it a little bit like this, and the closing should be tightened without gaps, so as to avoid filling leakage during pancake making.

Step 15
All wrapped big steamed stuffed buns.

Step 16
Press it slightly to flatten it into a cake shape. It doesn't need to be pressed too flat. Wait until it is put into the cake pan, and then flatten it with the help of the electric cake pan.

Step 17
Brush a thin layer of oil in the electric cake pan, put the prepared cake embryo into it, and leave a gap between the pies to avoid squeezing the pies together after closing the cover. The upper cover of the electric cake pan should also be painted with some oil.

Step 18
SUPOR electric cake pan selects the pie function and closes the upper cover of the electric cake pan. Start baking the pie for 6 minutes. There is no need to turn over in the middle.

Step 19
At the end of the program, the sound starts when you hear the prompt, and the pie is baked. Both sides are golden and crisp. Because it is a plain pie and the crust is thin, it is easy to cook. If you make meat, you need to burn it a little longer.