I believe not everyone has eaten Sanxian dumplings. After all, not every city can buy so fresh seafood. Therefore, as a Dalian person, I am very proud! At the age of 35, I left my familiar hometown to live in the United States with my husband who has lived in the United States for decades. There are many reluctant to give up, including seafood. In fact, living in Los Angeles is still very happy. There are all kinds of Chinese food. You can find almost any flavor, and you can also find Sanxian dumplings, but it’s not the flavor I want! American supermarkets can’t see fresh food, so foreigners have to drive out and queue up at the seaside Wharf in the early morning, but they may not be able to buy their favorite varieties, and the road is far away and too troublesome. Chinese supermarkets have a small variety of live fresh food, but live shrimp for dumplings are also rare. Many people will buy ordinary prawns or shrimps and go back to make dumplings, but when I grew up by the sea, my parents have raised a mouth. I must be a top-grade prawn. Slowly, I found a lot of seafood I love in Korean supermarkets. Korea is very close to Dalian and the diet is relatively close, so I can buy almost everything I need there. It’s really a happy wife for a person far from home! So, I was inspired when I had never made dumplings in more than 30 years. All the programs my mother used to make dumplings were presented to me like a movie! In these years of living in the United States, as long as you have time, you can buy a few large wild shrimps, black porpoise pork, fresh leeks and make some dumplings to enjoy, not only because this collocation is delicious, but also a kind of nostalgia for your hometown! Dumplings, I only eat Sanxian and conch sausage.


Three wild shrimps a kilo or two
A kilo of black dolphin pork
Three Liang leeks
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of olive oil
A little white pepper
Appropriate amount of flavor drenching


Step 1
Wild shrimps shelled, black line cut into small pieces. The aunt at home said that you didn't waste such good prawns by chopping them like this. It's good to use shrimp or cheap prawns directly. In my opinion, it must be different. Food made of different ingredients has different tastes, which will greatly reduce the quality. Since childhood, my mother has always made dumplings with good shrimp, so the taste I want must be in such high-quality shrimp.

Step 2
Cut the black dolphin streaky pork into small pieces. Many people are afraid that they will trouble the supermarket to buy ground minced meat for stuffing. I am not a diligent person, but this step will never be omitted, because if you want to eat perfect food, you must not be lazy ha ha.

Step 3
Clean the leeks and control the water after washing.

Step 4
Mince the wild shrimps and black porpoise streaky meat and stir well with oil, salt, white pepper and flavoring. There is no need to put more salt. The seafood itself has a salty taste. White pepper is to reduce the fishy smell. In fact, this wild seafood is not fishy. I'm a habitual action. Flavoring can be replaced by cooking wine.

Step 5
The leek is chopped and left until finally mixed into the shrimp meat, because the leek will leave water and affect the texture after being placed for a long time.

Step 6
Because every time I make dumplings, it depends on whether I can meet satisfactory ingredients on that day, so it is a temporary decision. In addition, I start to make dumplings after taking care of my child and husband at night. In order not to work so hard, I often use ready-made noodle skins. I have bought all kinds of noodle skins. For large dumplings suitable for northerners, I must buy northern dumpling skins.

Step 7
Not much leek was prepared this time, so I wrapped the remaining shrimps and minced meat separately. These can be saved for breakfast. After all, leek tastes great and is not suitable for breakfast.

Step 8
When the package is half finished, boil the water. After the water boils, put salt under the dumplings. Boil in the middle and add cold water. This step is repeated twice.

Step 9
Dish and eat