In the past, the three delicacies were vegetarian. Today, make a meat three delicacies


250g pork
250g shrimp
500g leek
100g mushroom
600g flour
Proper amount of salt
1 tablespoon raw soy sauce
Proper amount of water
2G sesame oil


Step 1
Shelling live shrimp is really a test of patience and speed

Step 2
Chop pork into minced meat, add salt, soy sauce and water. Add a little bit. Add water after beating hard every time. About half a bowl of water is enough

Step 3
Chop leeks and mushrooms as much as possible

Step 4
Cut the shrimps into small particles to ensure that each dumpling has shrimps

Step 5
Finally, add sesame oil and mix the dumpling filling. Even if you add so much spicy water, there will be no soup at the bottom of the basin after the dumplings are wrapped

Step 6
I'm not very good at making dumplings. Well, just make it

Step 7
If you only eat, you should take a picture showing the shrimp. Ha ha