It’s salty and slightly sweet. It tastes crisp and crunchy. It’s delicious to drink porridge, rice and steamed bread~~~


3 cucumbers
120g raw soy sauce
120g balsamic vinegar
100g rock sugar
Three or four dried peppers


Step 1
Display of ingredients: cucumber, raw soy sauce, vinegar, rock sugar, dried pepper

Step 2
Pour the soy sauce into a small pot without water and oil, add rock sugar and dry pepper, and slowly burn over a low heat until the rock sugar melts.

Step 3
Cook until the rock sugar melts, pour in the balsamic vinegar, turn off the fire, and then put it aside to cool

Step 4
When the sauce is cooled, deal with the cucumber. Wash and dry the cucumber, remove all four petals from the middle, remove the cucumber core, and then cut into small segments. The cucumber core is easy to water out. The sauce will affect the selling phase and taste. Don't waste it after cutting it off. Just eat it in your mouth.

Step 5
Put water in the boiling pot. After the water boils, blanch the cut Cucumber Strips in boiling water for 30 seconds.

Step 6
Blanch for about 30 seconds and then quickly put it into cold water for cooling. 5-6 repeat the two steps three times´╝ł Scald the cucumber repeatedly for three times. Do not omit this step, which is the key to whether the cucumber can taste quickly and crisp)

Step 7
Remove the cucumber that has been blanched and cooled for three times, cool thoroughly and control the water content, code it into a sealed pot, and pour in the cold sauce.

Step 8
Fasten it in a sealed jar, refrigerate it in the refrigerator and marinate it for 1-2 days.