Horseshoe cake is one of the famous traditional desserts of Han nationality in Fuzhou, Fujian and Guangdong. It is made by steaming water chestnut powder mixed with sugar water. Water chestnut is also called horseshoe in Cantonese, so it is named. Its color is yellow, translucent, can be folded but not cracked, pout and continuous, soft, smooth, cool, tough both, taste very sweet.


250 g horseshoe powder
750g coconut milk
300g white granulated sugar
750 g water


Step 1
Divide the horseshoe powder into two parts, one of which is added with 350 grams of water, and stir to form a raw pulp

Step 2
Then take the remaining 400 grams of water and 200 grams of white granulated sugar to mix, boil and melt

Step 3
Put the caramel pulp to low temperature, mix the raw pulp and sugar water to make caramel horseshoe pulp

Step 4
Another portion of horseshoe powder and 350 grams of coconut milk are mixed to form raw milk

Step 5
Boil the remaining 400 grams of coconut milk to a slight boil, pour into the raw milk, and mix into coconut water horseshoe milk

Step 6
Apply oil on the bottom and all sides of the mold, ladle Caramel horseshoe paste into the mold with a common spoon, sit on the steamer, boil water over high heat, put on the shelf, put on the mold, cover it, steam over high heat for about 8 minutes until it solidifies

Step 7
Open the lid, do not take out the mold, directly take two spoonfuls of coconut water horseshoe paste, pour it on the surface of the caramel horseshoe, cover it again, steam for about 8 minutes to set

Step 8
In this way, caramel horseshoe milk - coconut horseshoe milk - Caramel horseshoe milk - coconut horseshoe milk in turn, and so on, all the pulp is steamed layer by layer until solidified

Step 9
All set, out of the pot to cool some, you can arbitrarily cut into pro like shape

Step 10
I wish you success